December 5th, 2005

Noah by Lauren the Rock

I fucking hate Fallout Boy.

What a pathetic fucking excuse for music. Lyrics do not GET more empty, meaningless, "pop" catch-phrasey, and downright fucking stupid. Sure, I love artists like Beck who have been known to have nonsense lyrics, but at least Beck does it in a fun way. What the fuck is "Am I more than you bargained for, I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cause that's just who I am this week"? It's fucking BULLSHIT. It's INSINCERE music, produced for the sole purpose of getting rich. While I'm all for getting rich, please do it with decent fucking music and stop polluting the airwaves.

For fuck's sake.

Live105 refuses to stop playing them every 20 fucking minutes. Then I noticed that their playlist litterally consists of 36 songs. if you don't believe me. It saddens me greatly, because I like a good chunk of the shit they play, but when every other FUCKING SONG IS "SUGAR WE'RE GOING DOWN" I WANT TO FUCKING KILL. It really makes me want to never listen to the station again, at least college radio and KPFA still play decent music, and understand that there is more than 36 songs in the known universe that are worth playing. This is why radio stations should never have been allowed to consolidate, EVER. Fuck Infinity Broadcasting for making Live105 play the same shit every hour, and I won't even BEGIN to get into why CLEAR CHANNEL are the biggest PIECES OF SHIT ON THE FUCKING PLANET AND NEED TO DIE A VERY SLOW AND INTENSELY PAINFUL DEATH.

Go college radio, go KPFA, and go freeform media.

And sorry for cursing your name, Fallout Boy, but you embody everything I hate about the media in this country.
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