February 23rd, 2006

Noah by Lauren the Rock

Playing a show on Monday night!

Hey there, wild world of LJ that I have been too busy to check up on in months. =( I won't pretend that I didn't come here for blatant self-promotional reasons. And it's not that I don't miss you guys, I've just been working like a dog (12+ hour days everyday), and I've really had no life lately.

So anyway, if you're on my friends list and are reading this right now, that means I would love it if you came out to see my play a laptop/KorgArmy hybrid set of NuSkool Breaks next Monday night! Here's the scoop:

Monday, 2/27/06
Secret Psychedelica
at the Savoy on 3546 Flora Vista Ave in Santa Clara CA
Music starts at 9pm
$5 door

As of now, I am scheduled to be playing from 11pm-12am. Last month (it is the 4th Monday of every month) we had a blast. Come join us! =)

www.secretpsychedelica.com for the details. Put on by the awesome Michael Liu (the man!).
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