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1) Does rightkindofme drink? I would have to say yes.
2) Could you see mres1 and dndupree together? I can not, but they both are awesome.
3) If kayakingflower took over the world, who would be happy? Most of the world.
4) versal_b's hair color? light brown/dirty blonde
5) If bunnyboy42 commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Capacitors, resistors, and everyone from the quad (and me)!
6) When did you last call disillusionment? Never spoke on the phone, actually.
7) Would you set up not_a_moose and mres1? No way, Jose!
8) cortneyofeden's eye color? brown
9) Are sammid and porgypie going out? No, but I think they'd probably be good together
10) If fishhatkaijuman and not_a_moose were spliced together, what would it be like? Quite bizarre.
11) What is cortneyofeden allergic to? Unfriendly people
12) Where would aargnzarf most like to visit? Probably Munich, again.
13) What is lafors's favorite game? GTA San Andreas!
14) Is fraunahgooyen an emo? Too fun and silly, but close!
15) What word best describes auros? Interesting
16) Is serenegarden dead sexy? Oohhh baby!
17) What animal does bunnyboy42 remind you of? I've never seen an animal on a bike before
18) Where was toolspaz born? 10325 Stern Ave, Cupertino
19) What do you agree with kariannbear about? That she should live in CA and come hang out.
20) What flavor of jello would marioshoku be? Red!
21) Is jerle18 related to thepinkphink? Nopers
22) Which of your friends should marioshoku go out with? Kari!
23) Would rikihalo and versal_b look good together? They'd actually be pretty sexy together.
24) If ouzel took over the world, who would suffer? The mole people
25) What song/movie would you recommend to lafors? Well Mallrats, duh!
26) What would you do if you found out frskychik has a crush on you? Be very surprised!
27) Does toolspaz have a dog? No, but let's count cats for a minute
28) Is meerkat299 your best friend? A very cool guy, but lives too far away to be a best friend!
29) What mental disorder does serenegarden remind you of? That's a cracked-out question. She's the cool.
30) What is dndupree's favorite food? Probably not turkey legs.
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