Lauren and Noah Smoochin

It's a boy!!!!

8 lbs, 2.2 oz. 20 1/2 inches. He's big!!! If I wasn't using the webtv-type interface in the hospital room right now, I could probably post a picture. But needn't worry, one will be posted soon. He is beautiful, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased. ;-)

And yes, we finally decided on a name....

Please welcome into the world the young mister Kai Joseph Thompson.

10:20am: I can't believe I forgot to mention one of the most incredible parts of it all. Little Lauren delivered this big, healthy baby *completely naturally*!!! No drugs, no epideral, nada! She's one hell of a rockstar! I was there coaching her through the whole thing, and let me tell you she worked her *&%^$# ASS OFF!
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Google flaw, exposed!

Okay, so it's not really anything big. I'm just bored at work and found something *mildly* amuzing (and that's saying a lot, considering how bored I am).

Go to Google's main search page and type in "asdfasdf" in the search.

Look at the sponsored link on the right hand side.

*shrug* It's nothing special, but it gave me a chuckle.

P.S. If you're wondering JUST how bored I am here, think about that fact that I actually searched for "asdfasdf" on Google. That should sum it up.
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Noah by Lauren the Rock

A note to Mr Anonymous

Whoever keeps posting anonymously (and I look at the last 5 or so postings, all from the same IP address) I've disabled it. I don't like anonymous postings. I've deleted the posts. It's especially creepy when you're pretending to be multiple people (including somebody I've worked with in the past) and every post is coming from the same IP address. Knock it off, if you want to post on my journal, identify yourself.

And pretending to be different people so you can argue with yourself in a thread on my journal? I logged the IPs, they're all the same!

Nutjob, man.
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Lauren and Noah Smoochin

The big baby news!

Okay.. We just had the first ultrasound! And here's the verdict:

As of today, Lauren is 20 weeks and 1 day pregnant (that's counting the 2 weeks before conception, I'm not sure why all doctors and baby books count that way, but hey, what're ya gonna do). Which means she has approximately 20 weeks left to go!

The due date is October 25th!

and the really big news... We saw in the ultrasound that it's got little bitty boy parts! =) Neither of us were hoping for one or the other, but now we know for sure! I guess we can't name it Phoebe now! =( Well, I mean.. I guess we could, it would just be a whole lot crueler of us. =)

They said he looks very healthy, and is a good weight and all that jazz. Sooooo..... any good boy name suggestions? ;)
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Lauren and Noah Smoochin

Midnight showing tomorrow: HHGTG

Yes, that's right. Thursday night / Friday morning (technically) at midnight. At the Del Mar theater in Santa Cruz. Lauren and I just got back from getting our tickets. Be there or... uhh, yeah. =)
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Noah by Lauren the Rock

the BIG news...

For those who haven't heard yet (only a very select few have), here's it is:

Come September or October, Lauren and I will be brand-spakin' new parents!

We've known for a couple weeks. It's now officially public knowledge. =)
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Noah by Lauren the Rock


I went here looking at a picture that was up on for a photoshop contest. Then I noticed the "Related slideshows" blurb to the right. Anybody notice anything funny about Tiger Woods? I Wonder what happened to him.

New Album Announcement!

The new, still untitled, latest, and for the first time full-length Kikipopo album will soon be released!

This is not an announcement that I've been signed or anything of that nature, but I've finally gotten off my ass and begun mastering a collection of recent tracks that I actually like and want to share it. I'll be putting it up on the also-soon-to-debut new website that Lauren and I have made. It rocks something fierce, it's good to have an artist with talent like hers in your corner.

The album is a very eclectic mix of electronic music. I couldn't tell you what style if I tried, it's just... what it is.

OK, enough with the blatant self-promoting. Time to keep working on stuff.

Oh, and I'm not sure what a realistic release date would be, I'm going to say within the next week or two.
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